When it comes to learning a foreign language, speaking and listening to native speakers is essential so as to get the best results. For us the teachers, it may be difficult to offer this possibility. However, nowadays technology provides all the tools to carry out telecollaborations in which students from different countries can learn from one another, have fun and build close friendships. In addition, they are an asset to your school and to your teaching career.


Why Ludus English? Our section English Club has been conducting telecollaborations for 10 years with more than 15  primary and secondary british schools. We can link your school to a Spanish one, and we can adapt our yearly plan to your necessities. See the British Schools we currently work with.


Why are telecollaborations so useful? Students from both countries experience a significant improvement in their language skills, both in terms of understanding and oral and written expression. Besides, they increase the students’ motivation to continue learning due to the desire to communicate with their new friends.


Privacy is one of our main concerns. We have used different ways of sharing our educational material through the years, from private blogs to Microsoft Teams. But now, we have enabled a private section in our own website in order to upload and access our shared activities with maximum privacy. See our Privacy Policies.


From video conferences to a pen pals activity, the students develop a close virtual relationship along the school year. Apart from that, we share video activities such as Q&A videos, role plays, dialogues, etc, both in English and in Spanish so that they can be used as a listening and speaking practice.

Real-Life Content

The topics we work on nurture an enriching cultural exchange. From day-to-day stuff to national traditions and customs. Students not only learn a foreign language, but also another culture. To sum up, telecollaborations offer a comprehensive learning of the language plus a cultural knowledge enhancement.

How does it work?

Once the link between schools is set up, a yearly plan will be agreed. It includes various types of activities, some of them in video, which we can upload and download in our private section. Each school has its own username and password to log in and access the telecollaboration shared material.

Schools in U.K.

We have been carrying out telecollaborations with British schools for 10 years. These are the schools we currently work with.

Forsbrook Primary School

Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.

Moorside Primary Academy


Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.

Lathom High School


Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.

Saint Gabriel’s College

Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.

Waddesdon Church of England School

Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.

Instituto Español Vicente Cañada Blanch

Esperamos retomar nuestras telecolaboraciones.


I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Ramón and his team for almost a decade now. We have established regular video calls between our students, old fashioned hand-written letters and email correspondence. Recently this was particularly useful during lockdown so that we were able to continue with our co-curricular provision remotely. One of the highlights of working with Ramón was when he came to visit Waddesdon C of E school in Buckinghamshire and observed some of our Spanish lessons. Another great experience was when our students met in Portobello during his summer camp to London. It is wonderful for the students to finally get to know each other in person after all the video calls and emails. They engaged in a fun treasure hunt activity together which really tested their linguistic and communication skills as well as their cultural exchange. I very much look forward to continuing to work alongside Ramón and his team for future projects. I wholeheartedly recommend this initiative to other schools in the UK and Ireland.

Ms Ann CoulterHead of Spanish. Dr Challoner's High School

Como actividad extra escolar de inglés no hay nada igual. Para mi son los mejores cursos de toda Coruña. Calidad y atención personalizada. Organizan campamentos de verano, inmersiones. Y las actividades muy amenas en innovadoras. 100% recomendado.

Luis Alvarez CastroPadre de Alumno

La inmersión en Inglaterra ha sido una experiencia estupenda. Me encantaron los talleres en los institutos y conocer las costumbres inglesas. Aprender inglés de este manera es genial.

Joel RIgoAlumno

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